Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christian Gossett Red Star Creator in the Inland Empire

Christian Gossett will be speaking at the Art Institute Inland Empire Feb 25 at 12pm!

Internationally published as an artist and writer at the age of nineteen, Christian Gossett was one of the first designers hired by Lucasfilm Licensing to retro-design the Star Wars galaxy in 1993. Gossett was only 23 years old when his radical concept drawing of a ‘double-bladed lightsaber’ was presented to George Lucas. George’s approval memo hangs in a frame on the wall of Gossett’s studio. Seven years later, this design would be made famous as Darth Maul’s signature weapon in The Phantom Menace.
Bringing this same unique talent to bear when designing characters and weapons for the film and videogame industry, Gossett’s work has earned him a position on the Academy Award-winning design Weta Workshop team of New Zealand, for Peter Jackson’s King Kong remake.
His videogame career began at Activision on the PSX and continues today across all entertainment software platforms. Gossett’s ongoing project, The Red Star, having successfully launched as a PS2 / PS3 game, is now in development as a feature film at Universal Pictures. The Red Star has sold over a million units worldwide, was voted among the “Top 100 graphic novels of all time” by Wizard magazine, and is one of the most critically-acclaimed independent comics’ series of the decade.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kung-Fu Panda TV Show

Hey folks,

I had a chance to check out out the new show, and all I have to say is its great! The pacing looks good in one episode..the interstitials animated here look great! Look for it Fall 2010

There's no indication that Kung Fu Panda is being produced in the building except for a Shifu puppet and some small items around

Nickelodeon Tour Pictures

We had a great time at Nickelodeon Studios. We'll hopefully tour again soon!